Thursday, January 5, 2012

Connect Cube to Github and Bitbucket

If you use Cube to track software projects the odds are that you probably use Github or Bitbucket to host those projects.
Did you know you can easily connect those projects to Cube so when you commit changes, Cube also records the commit messages in the Project's Log?
This is a great way of recording events and also helps when filling in your timesheet ;)

Setting up is easy!

First go to Cube and open your Projects Details page. Select Settings.

Cube project details screen

Here you'll find all you need: the Domain, Project and Integration Token.

Now for Github.
Go to your projects Repository Administration page on Github, select Service Hooks and enable Cube from the list of available services. Then just fill in the fields with the data you got previously.

Github options

To link with Bitbucket just go to the Admin page for your project, select Services and add Cube from the list of available services. As with Github you just need to fill in the fields.

Bitbucket options

Now every time you commit and push changes to Github or Bitbucket, the commit messages will be pushed also to Cube.

Cube shows your commit messages

Connect Cube to Github and Bitbucket and improve your project tracking today!

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