Monday, September 12, 2011

A picture is worth a 1000 euros/dollars

When recording an expense, it is useful to also capture the invoice or receipt for that expense, and we all know that sifting through a pile of paper invoices if you need to retrieve it at a latter time is a pain, so we've added the ability to attach files to expenses reported in Cube!

You can now attach jpeg or png pictures from your invoices or receipts to the expenses and your accountant will thank you.

Just click the "Add attachment" icon

Choose the file: 

and you're set. 

If an expense has an invoice attached the "Add attachment" icon changes to a "View attachment" icon. When viewing an expense you can click on the "Download" icon to download the full size picture.

We've provisioned your account with a 20 attachment quota so you can try this new feature, right now.

Managing your account and quota

We've also simplified your account management. You can now manage your account from the Settings page (for individual accounts) or Company->Settings (for multi-user accounts) including subscribing to Cube, changing the number of subscribed users and managing your attachment quota.

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