Thursday, April 14, 2011

New feature: Client Reports

After the redesign of, we've been hard at work to bring you one long overdue (and often requested feature) - Client Reports!

You've without doubt used the Project details and reports to have an overview of your project status, costs and incomes.

Now we are bringing the same reports - this time at Client level.

You can get to these new reports by clicking on a Client's name either from a Project or from within the Client list.

The Overview tab gives you an overview for the Client. You have all the client's details front and center and on the left a handy chart which you can configure to show hours, hours cost, expenses or total cost by persons, projects, approval and billable.

Bellow that you have the Current Status for the Client. Here you'll find the total number of hours worked broken down by billable and non-billable hours, the total expenses and total cost. If you have incomes you'll also get them and your gross profit.

You can also view a breakdown of this by persons, projects, approval and billable on the Totals table and by hours, hours cost, expenses, total cost, income by day, week, month and quarter for persons, expenses, projects, tags and billable in the Activity Chart.

Whew! Think I just broke a record for the number of commas in a sentence!

There's a list of the Projects you have for the Client.

And also a Timeline of all activity.

You can filter the Timeline by type: expenses, time entries, log and  mileage alongside the status so i.e you can quickly the approved items only. You can also limit the results by date and by searching the Description field.

As usual all tables are exportable to CSV so you can crunch the numbers on your favorite spreadsheet.

We've added a new Pricing Plans table that hopefully is more clear than the previous. :)

We've also done a number of design tweaks based on your feedback (keep it coming!).
Hope you enjoy! See you soon!

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