Monday, March 28, 2011

Cube Anywhere has a brand new look!

Today we're excited to reveal our new image!
We've been working in the past months together with Mr. Gonçalo Catarino from 96hp, and now you can see the result for yourself!

Catarino created our new image concept based on tangibility of Cube; it's not only something that runs somewhere on the Cloud - you can actually touch it, on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. 

This is something that is core to Cube: your business numbers, anytime, anywhere - after all, your business is where you are.

And that access to your business numbers is key to maximizing what matters: profit!

(thanks to Bauke Schildt for the illustrations).

And Cube allows you just that: manage your business anytime, anywhere with the devices you have with you.

You will find that everything you are used to in Cube is still available, and we'll have several new features in the pipeline to be launched soon.

You can see it now live at:  

We hope you enjoy it - feel free to send comments to

The bitrzr team


  1. The clock is really hard to control on the new look. Also the web site doesn't respond well when you hit it on an iPad, you must want me to buy the iPad app :) will that work better?

    I am a daily Cube user and love the product.