Monday, December 20, 2010

Cube in time for Christmas, Yahoo and AOL

Just in time for christmas we've just release a new version of Cube for iOS devices, alongside some notable improvements and features of Cube Anywhere.

Cube iOS
On Cube iOS we've added native Excel spreadsheet file export support in addition to the existing CSV and PDF file formats.

Need help or tips? Cube now includes a help file. Just go to Settings and press Help!

We've also improved data entry through inline editing. Reporting time and expenses is now even faster!

Cube iOS also had many, many design tweaks: Cube now shows only fields that have data, black leather theme is now also used on the iPhone, a redesigned calendar, improved data display and others!

Cube Anywhere
The first major feature that will probably stand out is right on the main page before you login: you'll notice right away that we've tweaked the login screen and include support for Yahoo and AOL accounts.
If you have an Yahoo or AOL accounts you can now login straight away with your existing username and password. Yahoo and AOL will securely verify your credentials and let Cube know who you are. This is the same security level and convenience that Google and Google Apps account owners have enjoyed.

Also on the main page you'll notice a new Features link that shows some of the features of Cube. We recommend that you have a look even if you are an experienced Cube user. Who knows - you might find something new!

Specifically for Cube Anywhere we added a new weekly company view report that shows the entries made company wide on a weekly basis. This works much the same as the individual weekly time reporting that you already know from the Recently table,
This new view can be reached from Company > Timeline.

New features across the board
We've also added some features that are common to both Cube products like budgets, non-billable entries and daily work rates.
You can now define a budget for a project. If you define a budget, Cube keeps track of the budget balance with your costs and expenses.

Mark your expenses, time or mileage as non billable and Cube will keep track of those for you, showing the total of non billable time and expenses you have at task, project and client levels alongside the billable entries and overall total.

If you bill per day instead of per hour you can now also configure daily rates and Cube will register as income that amount per day worked on that project.

PS: Don't forget our ongoing Christmas giveaway, we're giving out two Cube Pro for iOS iTunes codes every day: one on twitter (@bitrzr) and another on Facebook.

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