Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Features in Cube: Flexible Work Hours, CSV Export and more!

Flexible Work Hours

Have some part time contributors? Maybe some members of your staff have flexible work hours? 
You can now set the number of daily hours per person - and even set it to zero to disable the check. 
Enable this new option in the Company Settings page.

Task Timer

Ever forgot the clock was running on a task, and ended up too many hours recorded? 
The tooltip of the "Stop Clock" button can help you fix that - it now tells you when you started the clock, so you can make some quick calculations and figure out how many hours you actually spent.


Half days in Vacations

Another often requested feature, you can now book vacations for just half a day. Click on a day to book it entirely, click it again to book half a day, the third click clears the day.

Google Buzz

Bitrzr participated recently in a Google Buzz Hackthon; as a result, besides the existing option to see your Twitter timeline when reporting time or expenses, you can now see your Google Buzz timeline (currently restricted to public timelines).

CSV Export

 You'll find this new icon on most of the lists; click it and the current data will be exported as CSV which you can then open in your favorite spreadsheet. The list filters are taken into account when exporting data.

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