Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cube Improvements

We've been adding some improvements to Cube, some under the covers, some more visible, some you might have already found, and some you might not :)

Here's a quick rundown:


  • Weekly timesheets - The weekly view (accessible through an icon on the Recently list) provides  you with a fast way to view the time you reported on a given week and now can also enter/edit time entries in the weekly view. 

  • Improved project/task merge - tags and links are now merged.
  • Project timeline events are now editable.
  • Better sorting support in lists. 
  • Notification when approaching subscription limits. 
As always, you can start using Cube right now at

    Cube iPhone/iPad
    • Improved network performance - communication with the server is now compressed both ways reducing the amount of network traffic exchanged. 
    • Better handling of loss of connectivity - you should see less connectivity alerts in situations where you momentarily lose connectivity with the server. 
    More details on Cube for iOS devices are available at

      Cube Android
      • Improved network performance - as in the iPhone app, communication with the server is now fully compressed.
      • Timer - manage your current task, start and stop the clock right from your handset.
      • Weekly view - like in the web app, a fast way to view the time you reported on a given week.
      More details, and instructions on how to get the app, at