Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cube: New Features!

On the previous blog post we talked about how we are continuously improving our products.
Today we are going to take you through some of those improvements, some you will already have discovered, some maybe not ;)

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

We added support for major european languages, Cube is now fully translated and available in:

  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
So, if you have your browser language configured, or you've chosen one on the Settings Page, you should be all set.

Task and Project Merge
We make it very easy for you to create projects or tasks, and sometimes you end-up with two projects/tasks that should be the same.
So we've developed a Project/Task merge that allows you to merge to Projects or Tasks merging also the actuals reported on those.

Timeline view in Company page

We added a timeline view to the company page, similar to what you already had on the Project tab but showing a timeline across the whole company giving you a real-time insight on what's happening.

Task timeline

You can now drill down into a task and see the task's timeline - it is similar to what you had already at project level, but at task level.

Timeline Filters

It is now possible to filter all timelines by type (All, Time, Expense, Log), status (All, Pending Approval, Approved, Rejected) and date range (All, Current month, Last month, Current week, Last week).
    This enables you to effectively get reports on the data you need.

    Freeze date and disable autocreation of projects and tasks

    Based on your feedback we've added the ability to choose a freeze date before which changes are not accepted.

    i.e. You have all the timesheets/expenses validated on the 2010/04/30 and you do not want any changes to the validated data, then just set a freeze date for that date and Cube will not allow changes to data recorded before the freeze date nor any new addictions for dates before the freeze date.
    Similarly some companies have strict policies on creating new projects/tasks. If you disable the Autocreate option then you can only report time/expenses on existing projects and tasks. No new projects or tasks will be created without you explicitly doing so.

    Multiuser upgrade

    Up until now we had only two supported accounts: single user Google Accounts and Google Apps accounts. Single user accounts were target to liberal professionals and free-lancers while Google Apps accounts where targeted to small to medium enterprises. There are however two interesting use cases that we didn't support fully:
    • Invite external collaborators to Google Apps accounts.
    • Allow free-lancers to collaborate and report expenses on more than one client's Cube account.
    • The creation of ad-hoc Cube enterprise accounts formed by one or more individual Google Account owners.
    So for Google Apps accounts you'll now find on the People tab a new flag to mark a Person as an external (with limited privileges and visibility) and you'll be able to add anyone with a valid Google Account.
    For individual Google Account users you will now find an "Upgrade to Multiuser" on your Settings page that will allow you to move up to an Enterprise Account and invite other Google Account owners.
    In both cases the invitees will receive an invite email on their Google Account mail address.
    When you login via "Sign in with Google Accounts" button, if your account is linked to more than one Cube account, you'll be asked which one you want to access.

    Improved Reporting

    Alongside the improvements we made with the Timeline feature on Tasks and the Timeline filters we also added some Company and Project report tables.
    On the company page we added two new tables: Activity and Totals.
    Activity, based on your criteria shows you what's happening on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
    Totals show you the running totals by Person/Project/Approval status. broken down by Hours/Hours Cost and Expenses.

    We also added the ability to chart and view separately the costs in terms of labor (hours cost) and non-labor (expenses) or joint as a Total Cost to all charts - just go and play with the various possibilities, I think we have pretty much all your charting needs covered ;)

    End of beta

    You will now receive warnings when exceeding your chosen plan.
    Remember: less than 3/persons and 3 projects then it's free. You can step-up for as little as 5 EUR /month/person for unlimited projects/tasks.

    Minor improvements
    • Faster performance across the board with improved preloading, caching and backend calls.
    • Tables are now sortable. Just click on the column header.
    • Better browser support for Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari.
    • Reminders to fill in your timesheets are now timezone aware. You should get them in your local time.
    • You can now use tags with '&' like 'Research & Development'.
    • Better unicode support in text fields.
    • You can now book vacations by clicking the first day and extending the selection by dragging instead of clicking in each day separately.
    • We started adding some of your questions to a FAQ.
    • The status bar at the top of the screen now remains visible when you scroll down and you can dismiss it if you want.
    • And some other minor bug fixes.


    And these were only the improvements since the launch date of March 11 and do not even take into account the improvements and support for the launch of the iPhone/iPad version that occurred on April 3.
    As you can see we're always improving Cube to provide you with the best tool and service possible.

    See you next time, on behalf of the bitrzr team:
    Sérgio and Pedro