Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring cleaning - get rid of paper

Cube 4.5 is out and it takes paperless to the next level.

You've been able to include invoice and receipts as attachments to your expenses by taking a photo on your iPhone or iPad or directly on CubeAnywhere. Cube 4.5 kicks it up a notch (or two).


You can now attach PDFs to your expenses (in addition to photos). So if you got an invoice of your hotel bill or airline receipt, you can add them to your expense entry. Just click the paperclip icon:

Choose the invoice or receipt:

And you're done!


We're bringing the ability to add attachments to the Mac!

You can also right click any PDF or image and choose Send to Cube:

Cube creates a new expense entry with the chosen attachment:
Invoice or receipts attached to expenses can be easy managed. 
And when you generate reports you can choose to include them. So you can generate a report from all your activity or just a project or client and include your time entry, expenses and invoices or receipts.

iPhone and iPad

On the iPhone and iPad you can now also add PDFs. We've launched ProScan - PDF document, invoice & receipt scanner a new app that enables you to effortlessly scan invoices and receipts and creates multi-page PDF files.

On Cube just tap "Scan PDF" and Cube will launch ProScan.

You'll just need to point and shoot:

ProScan automatically detects your document:

And you can adjust if necessary:

Proscan will apply advanced image processing to correct the perspective so you don't need to take a perfect straight on picture to get a perfect scan:

You can also choose from several image enhancement filters to improve color balance or create a black & white scan.
And after you tap done, your scanned PDF is attached to the expense entry in Cube!

If your hotel or airline sent you an email with your invoice, then just tap it and choose to open it in Cube!

All receipts and invoices attached to your expense entries are sync'ed to the web, iPhone, iPad and Mac, so you have them at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need them!

The update to Cube is available now!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Even more magic in Cube 4.2

Cube 4.2 is out!

Version 4.1 brought the Magic Wand to the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and we've got incredible feedback from our users! You really loved it! 

So, we've expanded the Magic Wand to suggest items from all your calendars along side your Google Drive documents. If you have different calendar, work, personal or others you'll now see items from all of them.

Time sheet on Cube iPad

Cube 4.2 is available now for iPhone, iPad and Mac and includes also updated support for Russian and several improvements so you can enjoy your business anytime, anywhere.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Magical Winter

CubeAnywhere users have always loved the "Magic Wand" to suggest itens based on their Google Calendar and Google Drive documents they have worked on. 
It makes filling in your timesheet even faster. You just press a button and presto!

CubeAnyhere Magic Wand

And now with Cube 4.1, everyone can have the same magical experience on the Mac, iPhone and iPad!
Suggested itens on Cube Mac

Press the "Magic Wand" and Cube will suggest items from your Calendar and from your Google Drive documents.
If you use Cube with Cloud Sync or CubeAnywhere, Cube will suggest from both these sources. If you use Cube in standalone mode, Cube will suggest items from your calendar only.

Magic Wand on Cube iPhone

Then just confirm the suggestions you'd like to turn into time entries and you're done! Doing time sheets never has been so fast and easy!

Time sheet on Cube iPad
Cube 4.1 is available now and includes also several tweaks, bug fixes and improvements. Go get it!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cube on iOS 7

iOS 7 is out and so is Cube for iOS 7!

iOS 7 design is based in three core principles: Deference, Clarity, Depth.
We've taken these core principles and incorporated them into Cube's award winning interface, the end result is a familiar new experience for both long time and new users.

 "The UI helps users understand and interact with the content, but never competes with it."

We've removed unnecessary elements, trimmed down textures, rethought the use of color so in every place, your content, your data is front and center.  
The UI is there to help you navigate your data but it is only a tool that should get out of the way as soon as possible.

iPad Charts

iPhone Charts

"Text is legible at every size, icons are precise and lucid, adornments are subtle and appropriate, and a sharpened focus on functionality motivates the design."

We changed the font Cube uses and carefully tweaked the use of white space and size.
The new icons representing Time, Expenses, Mileage make reading the list of your time and expenses a breeze.



"Visual layers and realistic motion impart vitality and heighten users’ delight and understanding."

Cube uses transparency to confer depth and layers so you can quickly distinguish between elements.
This means the the UI is less cluttered and more clear.

iPad Timer

iPhone Timer

Other iOS versions
And if you're not yet ready to move to iOS 7, we've made the same visual elements available to iOS 6 and even iOS 5! So you can keep enjoying the best version of Cube yet!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Time!

It's summer time and Cube is sporting a fresh new look, cleaner, clearer that puts the focus  back to what's important: your data.

We've begun prepping Cube for the next major iOS release, iOS 7 due in the fall but until then you can start enjoying the new look on your iPhone/iPad right now.

And without further delay, here's Cube 3.5!

Cube's new icon

 Cube on the iPad

Cube landscape




Project Details

 Cube on the iPhone





Project Details

You can grab Cube now from the App Store!

Checkout also CubeAnywhere!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Cube for Android!

Today we launched a new Cube for Android!

Sporting a brand new interface, simple and clean that puts the focus on your data.

Home Screen




Project Details

Cube for Android is available in English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Spanish and you can get it now for free from the Google Play Store, the Opera App Store and the Amazon App Store.